About Us

More Than A Solutions Provider.

Streampoint implements environmental initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint. These environmental programs are carefully analyzed and evaluated to ensure that client satisfaction always remains top priority.

Our eco program, an implementation we’ve coined the GreenSmart Initiative, incorporates the “3R’s” – REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE. Our purpose? To minimize negative eco impacts and contribute to our clients’ bottom line. Green meetings result in good business!

Increased efficiency + conserved resources and reduced expenses = Improved bottom line.

SPS staff members continually assess our current GreenSmart initiatives, conduct industry research, and implement key updates to enhance our environmental position.

Our corporate social responsibility in conjunction with the GreenSmart Initiative is an integral part of Streampoint Solutions’ future vision and predominant values, as we strive to maximize our natural resources and contribute to the communities around us.

The SPS Green Smart Initiative includes


  • Electronic communications and the avoidance of print materials.
  • When print collateral materials are required, recycled paper stock that uses vegetable-based inks is requested.
  • The use of only those materials needed at an event. We take away all unused paper products.
  • Identification of reuse opportunities for decorations, displays and other event materials. These items may be in demand by local schools or charitable organizations. We make recommendations of such organizations to event attendees.
  • The use of electronic or reusable message boards to reduce signage waste for meetings, sessions, exhibits, etc.
  • Confirmation of registrations by phone and/or electronically. We avoid printed faxes and mailed forms, as well as the production of print materials. If required, we make sure to keep messages short and to the point.
  • In meeting rooms and exhibits, we make a point to avoid extensive print handouts and sales brochures. Instead, electronic documents are provided to attendees.
  • When not in use, we turn off onsite registration equipment and booth lighting to save energy.
  • Print handouts are double-sided. We make every effort to distribute materials only to those with a genuine need or interest.
  • Attendee surveys are produced electronically. Paper surveys are avoided.
  • Collection of participants’ e-mail addresses to distribute materials electronically.


  • Implementation of a plastic badge holder return system. We recommend that name cards are in reusable plastic holders that are returned at the end of the meeting and that ‘reuse’ collection bins are provided for delegate nametags. We help our clients work with organizers to encourage returns (i.e. draw to win prize).
  • Reusable tote bags for delegates and the avoidance of disposable bags.
  • Reuse of large envelopes for registration materials, or manila expandable files.
  • We advise session speakers to use dry marker erasable boards, blackboards, overheads and PowerPoint slides instead of paper flip charts (if paper flip charts must be used, we do our best to ensure all paper is recycled).
  • Reuse of show boxes.


  • The SPS On-Site Registration Recycling Station is equipped with an industrial shredder and recycling containers.
  • Convenient placement of recyclable containers throughout the facility.
  • Request a recycling program at the event facility with proper sorting for recyclable items and trash.
  • Creation of signage that can be reused for future events.

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