Organized in 1928 as the National Association of Exposition Managers to represent the interests of trade show and exposition managers, the International Association of Exhibitions and Events™ is today the leading association for the global exhibition industry. Today IAEE represents over 9,500 individuals in over 50 countries who conduct and support exhibitions around the world.

The Objective

We sought to provide IAEE’s members with a registration experience that was fluid, integrated and simple to use. We also needed provide the tools for IAEE team members to simplify the management of its attendees, exhibitors and events.

The Solution

Integrations – working together

Like every event, we must first look at all the parties involved. In the case for IAEE, the mandate was to have a total integrated solution with all its participating technology partners to provide its members a streamlined experience.

To manage the attendees’ experience, an integration had to be implemented with the Euclid CRM. This CRM helps manage the attendee data from which we pull authenticated data from. With this data we are able to pre-populate the attendee information (less typing), prepopulate demographic information (less clicking), and make registration a breeze.

The next layer of integration was to provide other partners such as A2Z and EventBase with data points to help with their work, demonstrating a commitment to flexibility.

With this type of flexibility of custom and out of box integrations, we’re able to tailor to you.

Enhanced Self Check-In

Build it and they will come. With that motto, we designed a beautiful onsite check-in screen that made the experience so quick, you didn’t even realize you checked in. An added enhancement was the use of our plastic on demand badges. With every check-in, the technology was smart enough to direct your print to the appropriate plastic badge printer, minimizing badge stock switch out time.

Better badges

If there was ever such a thing, we got it. The ability to print a 4 color plastic badge onsite at a rapid speed is simply incredible. We wanted to leave attendees with a memento in years to come. These badges also gave a great opportunity for sponsorship.

The Resolution

With all these enhancements, we’re able to elevate the experience for all parties involved. We believe with the advancement of technology and design, we’re able to flex our engineering muscle to help push the industry further by means of showcase, implementation and practicality.

Case Studies

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