VIP Events

Backstage Passes Redefined

Why do producers, media and managers use Streampoint Solutions?

Provide your VIP event guests with a private and beautiful event registration experience. Media, support teams, caterers and handlers can all have unique visual pass identification to ensure clarity for security teams. VIP guests can register a simple click through and have the option of registering guests as well.

Secure Badges

Secure features such as holograms, RFID, Beacons are available to track and secure your VIPs.


Ability to print on demand badges at ~3 seconds per badge. (Black and White on Plastic)

Photo Secure

Print your attendee and VIP photos on demand.

Full Service

Our team will see your project from start to finish. Online to onsite.

Branded Solutions

Let us be your creative department for your event.


Ability to integrate with various ticketing, marketing and CRM solutions via API.

Multi Access

Ability to have various colored passes to provide visual identification

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