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Streampoint and Apple Wallet – Making a Bold Entrance Together

December 13, 2017 – Streampoint is proud to announce the recent launch of its new Apple Wallet integration at IAEE Expo! Expo! San Antonio, TX.  

“We couldn’t think of a better event to roll out this new functionality than IAEE Expo! Expo!” remarked Dharmesh Dayabhai, Vice President, Sales & Marketing.  “It’s the Meeting and Exhibition industry’s annual show for event planners to encounter the latest trends, best practices and technology and we wanted to showcase a registration integration that’s increasingly being utilized by consumers in the form of Apple Wallet.”  

Streampoint’s Apple Wallet integration is designed to streamline the event registration process as it eliminates the need for printing paper tickets or attendees from having to sift through emails to find their unique barcode.  All the attendee is required to do is open the Apple Wallet app and their pass is right there waiting. They then scan the barcode at the registration area and they’re good to go. Another notable feature is the ability for a reminder to appear on the phone’s lock screen in the lead up to the event.  “That way it’s top-of-mind for the attendee and even easier access as the event rolls around,” says Dayabhai.

Apart from the potential to speed up the attendee registration and entry process, an additional feature available to event planners for a fee is the ability for the Apple Wallet integration’s event passes to be customized to tie into the event’s key branding.  Furthers Dayabhai, “one of the crucial elements that event planners seek is seamlessness.  A digital pass in an Apple Wallet doesn’t need to be generic.  It can be customized by Streampoint to tie into the event’s branding.”  

About Streampoint Solutions Inc.

Streampoint Solutions Inc., founded in 2001, is a full service, highly configurable event management solution company.  Streampoint Solutions provide solutions ranging from online to onsite registration; including a SaaS approach to online event registration, exhibitor booth sales and management, housing, CRM / AMS integrations, onsite registration and session management, e-mail marketing, and badge production solutions to ensure its clients success and business needs. Streampoint Solutions clients range from associations, governments, corporations and event management companies. For more information please visit or socially connect with us on Twitter, on LinkedIn or on Facebook.


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