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Event Registration



Online Registration

Give your attendees the user experience they deserve. We provide attendees with a beautifully branded registration experience that is simple yet advanced enough to handle our clients’ business processes.

Top 10 reasons

why you’ll love us

  1. We make you look good with our in-house design agency
  2. We’re not writing new modules. We already have modules to handle most of your business logic.
  3. We deliver based on your complex business logic.
  4. Our solutions all work together within one system. This goes for exhibitor booth sales, housing and registration.
  5. We play nice with your favorite vendors. We have an API from which other vendors can pull data from.
  6. We consult on your process to make it better and in some cases to help you generate revenue.
  7. We’re constantly listening to our clients and the industry and adapting to the newest technologies out there.
  8. Our back office is packed with features, yet designed to ensure you don’t get lost in a maze of links.
  9. We believe in working with our clients both as partners and friends, we have a vested interest in your event’s success.
  10. Seriously, we’re just awesome. We care about your growth and your future as well as your immediate needs.

Our Process / Enterprise Solutions

We believe following a process similar to a development schedule helps ensure all elements are on track and nothing falls behind.

We learn what your project entails, consult on the conceptual process of your program, and find a match between requirements and deliverables.

All your requirements are gathered into a easy-to-view document. This document acts as a blueprint of your program. This is where we work together to find the appropriate timelines and deliverables.

During this process, we revise to help ensure the documentation is in line with what you need. When it’s approved, we can move on to implementation.

This is the stage where our implementation team will process your requirements into a working site.

If an integration is required with your solution, this is the stage where our team will collaborate with your partners to streamline your data. We also have an API available for other partners to pull data from.

We don’t do ugly. We make sure to give you a solid, agency-style branding experience. Our creative design team reviews all our websites and solutions.

Before we go live, we undergo a QA process to ensure all requirements are met. If any last minute updates need to be made, we’ll make sure they’re taken care of.

Your site, complete with your design, brand and process, is launched and ready for registrations.

We’re here to support you and your site when you need it.

To track progress and communication internally, we use tools like Wrike (a task and time completion tracking app) & Slack (an innovative business communication platform).


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Onsite Registration

No more waiting.

Our motto is, if our onsite team is bored, then we’ve done our job. Our No.1 goal is to get attendees registered as quickly as possible. It’s that simple.

Starting with the big picture, using your event floorplan and schedule, we attempt to model the flow and timing of the peaks. We work with you to come up with the best possible setup for the onsite team.

We employ technologies such as:

  • Branded self check-in stations
  • On demand printing (both paper and plastic badges)
  • Distributed pickup areas
  • Pre-event marketing
  • Badge previews
  • Text notifications
  • Beacons, RFIDs
  • Onsite training and management


A glimpse of our features:

  • Customized Look & Feel
  • Discount/Promo Codes
  • Group Registration
  • Custom Rate Logic
  • Over 35 Standard Reports Available
  • Integration Solutions
  • Beacon/Tracking Technology
  • CRM/AMS Integration
  • Multi Path Logic
  • Session and Activity Capacities
  • Simple and Powerful Back Office
  • Robust Email Marketing
  • Attendee Custom Call Center
  • Extended Partner Integrations
  • Business Logic and Processes
  • Custom Fields
  • Multple Payment Options
  • One Login For All Your Events
  • Open API
  • Unified Solutions for Registration, Housing, and Booth Management
  • and much more..

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