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If your event has exhibitors, they’re going to want this

Empowers exhibitors to instantly capture, qualify and view their leads instantly, and easily identify and qualify their leads.

Mobile Lead App

An app that gives exhibitors control of their lead generation and increases ROI. It empowers exhibitors to view their leads instantly across the team once synced with the exhibitor portal. There are extensive note-taking and qualifying options to qualify leads better.

Exhibitors can now quickly and easily connect with leads using a variety of features, including:

  • Leads sync automatically in real-time between exhibitor and delegate portals
  • Ability to take notes on each lead
  • Automated qualification process based on lead data (email address and company)

Hand Held Scanner

For exhibitors looking to share a scanner in the booth, we offer a hand-held device with the ability to scan and qualify attendees. Our lightweight, durable scanners have a battery life of up to 5 days and are designed for use by both lefties and righties.

What’s the difference?

I’m sure we’re all thinking it: what’s the difference? To help answer this, we’ve put together a little chart to help.

Mobile app

  • Post Event Excel File
  • Pre-Setup Qualifiers
  • Live Portal
  • Setup Your Own Qualifiers
  • Notes
  • Live Sync Via Data
  • Multi Device Discount
  • Use Your Own Device


  • Post Event Excel File
  • Pre-Setup Qualifiers
  • Device Included
  • Long Battery Life
  • Share Your Device

Fully supported experience

Let our team manage your entire lead retrieval process and package a revenue share model for your event.

  • Project analysis
  • System setup & management
  • Integration collaborations
  • Weekly status reports

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