Housing Management


Everyone needs a place to crash, right? Manage one or a number hotels across your event’s city with Streampoint’s housing solution.

Connect it to your registration system so you can create a seamless registration and housing reservation experience for your attendees, or it can function independently.

With a simple to use interface on the front end, and guest search, reporting and a live event data dashboard on the back, managing your event housing has never been simpler.

Features include:

  • Deposit Collection along with multiple payment options.
  • PCI Compliant.
  • Customized email confirmations.
  • Multiple Hotel, Room and Amenity views.
  • Ability to manage multiple room blocks and redirect reservations to under performing blocks in order to curb attrition.
  • A plethora of customizable and downloadable report types including rooming lists, room status and pickup reports available in xlsx & csv formats.
  • Inbound email and phone reservations.
  • Client email and phone support.
  • Housing Step 1
  • Housing Step 2
  • Housing Step 3
  • Housing Step 4

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