Housing Management


Everyone needs a place to crash. Why not offer your attendees a streamlined booking experience that ties in with registration?

The housing management system can work with the Streampoint registration system or independently. By connecting it with our registration system, you can lock sub blocks for specific attendees, reduce attrition and prevent pirating (yes, that is a problem).

Some of our features include

Front End

  • Simple to use interface
  • Multiple hotel views
  • Dynamic room searches based on occupancy selection
  • Smart Group ‐ Auto hotel / room block displayed based on attendee types (attendee, VIP, exhibitor) country if using the Streampoint registration solution.
  • state or any other personal parameters
  • Robust pricing options based on occupancy or day of the week premiums
  • Deposit collection, multiple payment options (Credit Card, Check, Wire Transfer, PO)
  • Customized email confirmations
  • Housing Step 1
  • Housing Step 2
  • Housing Step 3
  • Housing Step 4
  • Housing Step 5

Back Office

  • Simplified guest search and management
  • Sub block management
  • PCI compliant
  • Secure Rooming Lists
  • Download reports (xlsx, cvs)
  • Room Status Report
  • Rooming Lists
  • Room Nights
  • Room Status by Room Types
  • Hotel Pickup Reports


  • Inbound email & phone reservation options
  • Client email and phone support

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