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Global Meetings Industry Day: How events impact our lives

It should be no surprise to hear that, at Streampoint, we live and breathe events. There’s something special about bringing people together face-to-face to connect, share and innovate. It’s where magic comes to life.

That’s why we’re proud to commemorate Global Meetings Industry Day, a global initiative aimed to shine a light on the value of meetings on people, businesses and the economy. Events are happening worldwide today, many organized by our partners at PCMA, MPI and IAEE, to bring event professionals together.

To celebrate Global Meetings Industry Day, here are eight ways that meetings and events make an impact in our lives.

Events create real-world connections.

Events serve to bring people together. After all, attendees network and connect with each other, as they come together for a common purpose. And nothing beats the personal relationships that are created and nurtured at events.

Events bring different voices together.

Bringing people together to hear stories about the different ways we live can have a positive influence on any industry. That’s why events, especially those on the global scale, can be important by breaking down barriers and making stronger connections on a cultural level.

We learn, share and collaborate at events.

When people come together at events, that’s when the magic happens. Whether it’s during the event program or in-between sessions, attendees share ideas, experiences and perspectives.

Ideas and innovation are born at events.

And of course, out of that collaboration comes new ideas and innovation. From listening to a captivating keynote speaker to participating in round-table discussions, attendees often think of their big idea at meetings and events.

Events can give you some extra motivation.

If you find yourself stuck in a rut, attending events can also give you that boost of energy that you may need to get things going again.

Events drive tourism and local economies.

We’d be lying if we said meetings and events are all work, no play. Many attendees use events as an excuse to travel to a new city or country and often plan vacations or extended stays around them. Even without those with wanderlust, the impact that an event can make on nearby restaurants, hotels and other facilities can make a big difference for the local economy.

Many events bring about change.

For non-profit organizations or associations, events are often how social, political and economical change comes about. Whether it’s coming together to raise money and awareness for a good cause, or finding the best ways to represent and fight for the best interests of a particular group of people, events can help facilitate these endeavors.

Events now focus on giving people unforgettable experiences.

More and more event planners are delving into experiential marketing to give attendees unique and memorable experiences.

Are you celebrating Global Meetings Industry Day? If so, let us know how you’re celebrating. Happy Global Meetings Industry Day!