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Event Directories : What’s the fuss?

We’ve all done it. We get to an event website and we want to see immediately if “this event has the right content for me”. We try to find who the speakers are, what sessions are taking place and oh yes, who is the well sought out keynote for the event. These are some of the elements, I believe, we all take into account when making a decision to attend a conference.

On that note, I would like to show you how we have turned the coin on exhibitor, session & speaker directories. Streampoint’s real-time directories help you easily navigate right within your event website. The best part is, we have our own wordpress plugin for this, which allows you to embed a live directory right into your event website. And of course, if you don’t, then we can get our creative arm to help you design an award winning website.  

For each directory there’s the ability to search by name, with more search options to help zone into the sessions your attendees are looking for.

But let me help you break it down even further.  As your exhibitors, speakers and attendees register for your event, the directories are updated in real-time. No longer do you have to export data from the registration system and then use that to update the website manually –  let’s cut down on the work!

For speakers and sessions, these directories are paired together so attendees can easily search by name, session topic or stream or even by date.  Results are stacked based on speaker, stream or chronologically based on the time and date of sessions.  Speakers have the ability to add a headshot, bio and social media links to their entry in the directory during their registration process.  Better still, speakers can also upload their handouts and presentations, so attendees can access these materials via the directories.  

Exhibitors’ entries in a directory are connected to an interactive booth map, allowing attendees to easily search on the show floor with a simple tap on their device.  You can also create a subdirectory for premium exhibitors and sponsors.   

As I complete writing this tidbit, a question came up, “what about mobile apps, Dharmesh?”

Yes, for mobile apps, app providers are able to pull session, speaker, exhibitor and attendee data via our open API (For the details on this – check out our API documentation : ).

I also recommend for you to check out our integrated partners directory for existing integrations. If your partner/vendor is not listed, let us know, and we are happy to partner up.