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Understanding registration paths, better.

Many of us are familiar with setting up event registration sites for different delegate types – attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, and so forth.  In some cases one event can yield numerous registration paths for each type of registrant, not to mention separate logins and separate admins/back offices.  With this kind of setup, gathering vital reporting data from each of these sites and putting it together becomes a time-consuming ordeal.

At Streampoint, we make it easy. Our platform consolidates all your registration paths (exhibitors, sponsors and attendees)  into a centralized event, while still offering the flexibility to assign specific registration rules and pricing to each path. The benefit of this is you only have to deal with one back office login, and all of your reporting is consolidated. No longer are you pulling reports from different sites and stitching it together yourself.  All reporting, searching and management can be done through the one back office.  From a monetary standpoint, costs based on having multiple databases and management points are significantly reduced.

The other benefit is when you have instances of overlap between delegate types – a sponsor may also be an exhibitor, for example. You have the ability to upsell an exhibitor to a sponsorship package, booth staff to purchase additional event workshops and so forth – all within a singular event.

What we’ve created is a data consolidation solution that affords you greater control and efficiency when it comes to your event registration – all whilst minimizing duplications.  Best of all, there’s the flexibility to tailor our solution to meet your event’s needs, because we understand that no two events are the same.  To find out more about how our solution can meet your event registration needs drop us a line at or 1-866-464-3339.