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A quick and easy guide to event management technology

You’re planning an event. You’re inundated with tasks, from sourcing a venue to finalizing your event agenda. You may be wondering how you can balance it all. This is where event management technology comes in.

As Event Technology Week kicks off, we’re shining a spotlight on how event technology can be used to meet your growing needs. Here’s a quick and easy guide to event management technology.

So, let’s get started: What is event management technology?

Event technology refers to digital and mobile tools that help facilitate the event planning process for event managers. This could include anything from event registration, to venue sourcing, to data and analytics. Types of event technology tools include event registration, event marketing software and mobile event apps.

Why is event technology a big deal?

It’s a fair question. Event planning is a tricky business and there’s a lot to balance for event managers, from sourcing out a venue to finding speakers to marketing your event. Event technology is designed to streamline that process for you, increase productivity, and help you save time and energy.

Types of event technology tools

Here’s a quick guide to some of the common types of event technology tools you’ll come across in the industry.

Event registration

The goal of event registration software is to create a simple, user-friendly experience for attendees to register for your event.

Software providers, such as Streampoint, offer an integrated registration solution for event planners.

Website development

Your event website is the first glimpse attendees have of your event. There are many tools to help you build a beautiful website that captures what your event is all about.

The amount of website building tools is endless: WordPress, Wix, Squarespace. And many event software providers, such as Streampoint, offer web design solutions to help you bring your event to life. 

Email marketing

Of course, you need to get the word out about your event and event technology tools can help you with exactly that purpose.

Many tools, such as Campaign Monitor and MailChimp, offer email marketing options to help you reach your audiences.

Streampoint also has a built-in email marketing feature integrated in its registration platform.

Data analysis

Data is everything for event planners, whom rely on analytics to enhance the attendee experience and improve their events for the future.

The Indoor Lab is one of many tools that provide event analytics through indoor foot traffic solutions.

Social media engagement

As we know, social media is the norm as many event attendees share photos and their favorite moments across social channels. And many tools and apps are on the market, which allow you to boost engagement at your events.

For instance, InGo is a social media marketing platform that empowers event professionals to amplify engagement.

There are so many more event technology tools available at your disposal. But hopefully, this helps you get started navigating the complex world of event technology. Check out Event Technology Week for more and stay tuned for more coming your way soon!