About Us

More Than A Solutions Provider.

Who we are

Founded in 2001, Streampoint Solutions is an insightful, customizable and resourceful event management solutions company. Serving clients globally, we offer tailored tools to the conference, tradeshow, and special events community. Small or big, comprehensive or select, Streampoint event management solutions are adaptable and scalable to ensure ideal suitability for a wide range of events.

How we do it

Every team in every department at Streampoint carries with it an event experience waiting to be shared with you. The technologies we use are state-of-the-art and internally managed to ensure maximum control during implementations. We meet pre, during and post-event needs with a service lineup that includes online registration, onsite registration, integration solutions, badge production, eMarketing, housing and travel capabilities, lead retrieval, and more.


Our mantra

Streampoint is founded on three principles: innovation, dedication, and social responsibility.

Through innovation, we empower event managers with practical, affordable, and specialized tools that make their occasions a raging success.

Through dedication, we provide an unparalleled level of customer service which allows for full solution customization, reliable back, and front end support, and timely product delivery.

Through our acceptance of social responsibility, we give back to our community and do our part for the environment with charitable project contributions, fund-raiser support, sustainable business practices, and green initiatives.

Team Playlist

Industry affiliations

Streampoint Solutions has numerous partners and affiliations within the event management industry. In addition to our participation in a wide range of industry events, seminars, educational programs, and promotional efforts, Streampoint Solutions is an active member of selected organizations. Our memberships enable us to continually stay informed of new trends, industry best practices, and technological advancements. This involvement allows us to continually improve our products and services for our clients.


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