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Rest easy with housing management

A full-service approach to housing management; Our team will work with you to set up, manage, monitor, and provide onsite support for your housing block.

Dedicated Housing Team

On a tight budget and looking for housing management support, we can help you save time and money.

We adapt to your needs and work with you as much or as little as you need while helping monitor pickups and manage your blocks and sub-blocks to help avoid attrition.

  • Setup your housing event
  • Monitor picks
  • Collaborate with your hotel contacts
  • Work with registration to target marketing to increase pickup
  • Contract review and suggestions based on best practices

No stone un-turned

Ever wondered if every reservation has been accounted for? Or if all concessions were credited? We can help by performing an audit for your event.

  • Cross-reference registration with reservations
  • Review reservations via alternate booking channels
  • Ensure all contracted comps are captured
  • Provide a total impact of your event for in and out-of-block reservations

Keeping track of your comps so you don’t have to

We can help you save time by tracking and managing all your concessions and comp rooms. We’ll also help you track who’s using them and when they’re available. All these things will save you hours every day—which means more time for what matters most.

Onsite housing management

We will bridge the gap between online and onsite experiences for you and your guests, so that you can focus on the event rather than scrambling to find accommodations for your attendees.

  • Assist guests with no reservations
  • Manage walk situations
  • Monitoring no shows
  • Resolving disputes on hotel charges
  • Attend pre-conference meetings
  • Confirm VIP and staff (Concession) lists with hotels
  • Meet with exhibitors to discuss future housing needs

Real-time data is key to your success

You need to be able to access and analyze this data efficiently. That’s why we built our platform from the ground up, with analytics support at its core. From pickup and concession data to housing management and beyond, we’ve got you covered so that you can make better in-the-moment decisions.

  • Keep a pulse on your data in real-time
  • Enable yourself with full access to the data with reports and dashboards

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