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A fully supported exhibitor management team

Helping exhibitors net higher ROI by enabling them to focus on high lead capture and immediate follow-ups.

Pre-Event Lead Retrieval Sales Support

Set up for success

We know it may be a little daunting to set up an app for the first time, but we’re here to help. We provide exhibitors and sponsors with pre-training on using our lead app and devices via webinars and pre-recorded videos. Full email and phone support is also available pre-event.

Onsite sales & support

Onsite lead retrieval and support is a critical component of any successful show. It’s a way for exhibitors and sponsors to easily purchase additional licenses or rent devices onsite, so they can spend more time meeting with potential customers.

Many times, exhibitors are busy, so they cannot come to the lead retrieval desk, so we also conduct daily walkabouts to check in on exhibitors to ensure lead success. With our onsite support team, we make it easy for exhibitors to focus on making connections and not the technology.

Revenue generation

Lead retrieval is a great way to help offset event costs and increase your events’ profitability. We offer you a revenue-sharing plan for your lead retrieval revenue.

We work with you to strategically align a revenue model to ensure price alignment with exhibitors while increasing your revenue potential.

Real-time data sync

Gone are the days of waiting for data to get synced up post-event, and followup time is money!

With our app, all leads are immediately available on our portal so exhibitors and sponsors can see who is their best prospects are, who they need to reach out to next, and what content they’re interested in. Exhibitors and sponsors can also send leads on demand internally so everyone’s always working off the same page. All data is available in realtime via lead apps so there’s no lag time in follow-ups.

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