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Past events

California HR

The Objective

We needed to provide an all-encompassing, seamlessly connected solution. This included the PIHRA CRM, event registration, website directories, branding, exhibitor booth management and onsite all tied together into one singular eco system, while maintaining the brand harmony throughout.

The Solution


We first looked at how CAHR was using other providers, and how we could cooperate with those entities.. For this we provided our API (, from which 3rd party vendors such as mobile app providers can pull data to ensure their app is up to date.

For the CRM, we built a custom API with YourMembership, which handled all the validation control.We streamlined the registration process further and made registration easier by pre-populating the attendee information. There was also the option to pre-determine registration types based on the attendee type.

When it comes to external party integrations, we are able to play nice with everyone in the sandbox and provide a total solution that is right for the client.

Live Directories

To enhance the attendee experience further, the goal was to update the website with live directories that provided information such as speakers, sessions and exhibitors. The challenge was to automate this process so as not to waste staff time on updating this.

Streampoint build a custom API (which is now offered to all our clients) ( that ties into any WordPress site. This API provides our clients with the ability to incorporate directories into their site seamlessly.

More Revenue – Plastic Badges

CAHR is constantly thinking out of box and providing its members with unique experiences. With this in mind, we proposed the option to have on-demand plastic badges to be printed on site. This would provide the attendees with a high touch experience as well a memento to take away from one conference to another. The badges are high gloss, 30 mm thick and beautifully printed stock in full color.

With the introduction of this badge, CAHR could offer unique sponsorship opportunities.

In Summary

With our partnered and collaborative approach to CAHR, Streampoint has continuously been able to introduce new processes and solutions to help enhance the brand, experience and happiness of the attendee. Our goal is to to continuously elevate the status quo for CAHR and our other clients.