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Past events

Teach for America

The Objective

This event called for an integrated registration and housing experience with full custom branding. When an attendee logged onto TFA’s website, the live directory and registration page needed to be perfectly seamless with their existing environment. Further, the registration site needed to tailor the experience to the type of attendee registering. Onsite, their 20,000 attendees should spend as little time as possible waiting in lines.

The Solution


With Teach for America, a major component was to ensure a seamless experience from the TFA website to registration. With this in mind, an integration was implemented that provided two-way communication between our two databases (Streampoint and Salesforce).

A review of each database was conducted to ensure proper mapping and an additional layer of integration was implemented to provide single sign-on (SSO). The attendee need only log in once for both sites.

Within the integration, we were also able to pull the attendee’s designation. This helped tailor the registration experience by only displaying items the attendee was eligible to register for, specific hotel sub-blocks, and more.


Not just a header and footer kind of deal.

After integrating our other solutions with TFA’s website, providing badges that fit with this extensive branding was second nature.

No Line Ups

That was the mantra going into this project. At the end of all the online processing, the master goal was to get everyone badged and through the doors as quick as possible. With pre-event planning and a review of all the entry points, a plan was created to better understand the flow of registrants to the registration and off to their final destination.

One key factor was using self check-in screens in strategically placed areas. To complement self check-in, there was a pre-marketing campaign to entice registrants to print or have their barcode ready when attending the event. The attendee simply scanned their barcode for their badge.

As a result, check-in was so efficient that self check-in had to stop to allow for bag pick-up to catch up.

The Resolution

Teach for America’s 25th Anniversary had a quick onsite experience, custom housing solution to accommodate complex booking rules, seamless brand and data integration, giving every stakeholder an event to remember.