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Email marketing: 10 tips to drive event registration

To plan a successful event, you probably rely on email for outreach. After all, about 74% of marketers say that email is their most commonly used tool for event promotion.

It makes sense. We check our emails every day: in the morning, in the afternoon and during the evening, when we should likely be sleeping.

As you’re promoting your events, you may be asking how you can stand out with your email campaigns. As we’re midway through Event Technology Week, here are 10 tips to drive registration for your event through email marketing.

Have an enticing subject line.

When sending out an email, the opportunity to make a first impression comes before the actual email content. The subject line is the first thing your recipients notice when they see your email. So, create one that captures their interest.

Keep it simple.

Nobody wants to read long emails. The average subscriber spends about 11 seconds reading your email. You heard that right: 11 seconds. So, keep it short and to the point. Highlight the main points that need to be conveyed.

Include a call to action.

And more importantly, make your calls to action big and bold. After all, you want your recipients to register for your event. The call to action in every email has to pop.

Build anticipation with attendees.

One of the greatest things about event marketing is the opportunity to showcase the best parts of your event. Highlight what to expect at the event, and use your email campaign as an opportunity to generate buzz and amp up your attendees! 

Showcase your speakers.

When creating an email campaign, don’t be afraid to show off your speakers. If you have high-profile presenters, they are a key selling point of your event.

Make it mobile.

We live in a mobile world. Users worldwide own more mobile phones than they own toothbrushes, according to the Consumer Technology Association. Priorities, am I right? Most people rely on their phones for everything from checking their email to registering for an event. This means you have to make sure your email looks stunning on every device.

Send personalized emails.

Everyone likes to feel special. No one likes to receive generic messages that don’t seem to address you in any particular way. Putting in the effort to develop a personal connection makes a huge difference.

Incorporate images.

While personalization is one way to get the attention of your attendees, visuals are just as effective. The layout of your email is just as important as what you’re trying to say. So, mix up your content with photos, GIFs and videos.

Send follow-up emails.

Don’t be afraid to send a follow-up. A friendly reminder will inspire your target recipients to open the email and take action. But, be sure to spread your emails apart to avoid flooding people’s inboxes.

Always analyze and optimize.

Any event marketer will tell you the importance of measuring the success of your campaigns. Email campaigns are no exception. Staying on top of performance throughout the campaign will allow you to understand what’s working and optimize accordingly.

Above all, remember that it’s your event so make some noise of it! Many tools, such as Campaign Monitor and MailChimp, offer email marketing options to help you reach your audiences. Streampoint has a built-in email marketing feature integrated in its registration platform, so you can provide your attendees with a meaningful user experience.

Want to know more about event marketing and technology? Continue to stay up-to-date on tips, trends and insights during Event Technology Week!