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5 ways to ensure your event is eco-friendly

More and more event and conference planners are looking for ways to reduce their event’s ecological footprint. With the advancement of technology, going green is easier than ever for your events.

Here are five ways to ensure your event is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Go paperless.

It’s 2019, so most of your event materials are online anyway. But it’s always a good idea to use apps, QR codes and websites to save on paper. Put your event agenda online, and ditch those pamphlets, floor maps and printed programs.

Go local.

To give your event some local flavor and reduce your carbon footprint while you’re at it, pivot towards using more locally sourced foods.

Be mindful of transportation.

The largest contributor to your event’s footprint is simply getting people there. Being mindful about the destinations you consider, compared to where the majority of your audience lives, can help a lot. Likewise, arranging carpooling shuttles and including public transit passes for attendees is a reliable way to cut down on greenhouse gasses once people are already there.

Consider waste management.

Attendees will always recycle, if they can find the right can. So, always keep trash and recycling side by side. And, to go that extra mile, consider adding compost to the mix.

Plan early.

Despite modern advances, sustainable, green events don’t just happen. So start the planning early, go in with informed expectations, and celebrate what changes you can make, even if you want to achieve more next time.

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