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10 productivity tools for event planners

There are only so many hours in a day, and a million things we have to do. We don’t know how event planners manage it all.

To help event planners stay on top of everything, here are 10 tools to help you save time and energy, and maximize productivity.


Trello is a free project management tool that revolves around adding cards to a shared board, so everyone can see what needs doing, what’s progressing and what has been completed. There is a free plan for individuals, and then a per user fee for pro features and teams.


Slightly less visual than Trello, but arguably more fully-featured and aimed at larger projects and enterprise teams, Basecamp is pretty much the grand-daddy of project management software and its continued success is a testament to how much people love it.

Google Drive

If you want a simple space to store your word documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more, then this is the tool for you. You can also share them with whomever you want, without emailing large files.


If you haven’t heard of this tool for your event team, then you need it! It’s fantastic for collaborating and allows discussions, conversations, task organizing and project tracking for your team and has a built-in inbox system so you don’t have to log in and out or change screens to have a discussion. It’s available on mobile and tablet devices as well as desktop for inside and outside the office.


This free note taking tool is perfect for jotting down quick notes and then allowing you to log in from any of your devices later on. Simply download the app on your phone or tablet and access via the web browser and you can save and share links or have access to your ideas from anywhere.


If you’re prone to procrastination, this may be the chrome extension for you! It allows you to block certain websites (probably Facebook or Twitter, if you’re anything like me) or all websites for a certain time limit to stop you from logging in and stay focused, hence the name!


Do you ever get tired of endless email threads? Slack is a great alternative for internal communication. You can also set up different channels.


If you or your event speakers need help streamlining the presentation process all in one place, Keynote might be for you. Real-time collaboration is available across all your devices so you can avoid messy or unnecessary email chains. Plus, it has some gorgeous effects your speakers might be really into.


This social media management app can help you link all of your social media platforms together and reply easily within one dashboard. You can schedule posts, reply to users and interact from one place without logging in and out of accounts.


Similar to HootSuite, Buffer is another great social media automation tool that lets you pre-schedule your social media content in advance.

What tools do you use to boost productivity? Let us know as we want to hear from you! Want to go above and beyond with your next event? Book a demo with Streampoint today!